Think Like a Brand, Not a Bank

Welcome to the "Think Like a Brand, Not a Bank" digital learning program!

Our goal is to help you harness the power of brand thinking by guiding you through the 5 key principles from the best-selling book with:

🥕 Fresh insights

🥕 New resources

🥕 Expanded examples

🥕 Daily exercises

By the end of each course you will be able to:

  1. Embrace Counterintuitive Thinking: Learn to challenge conventional wisdom and explore unconventional approaches to unlock new opportunities and drive growth in your business.

  2. Thrive in Tension and Contradictions: Discover the value of embracing tension and creating contradictions to fuel innovation and forge a distinctive brand identity.

  3. Master the Art of the Remix: Understand the importance of remixing existing strategies, resources, and assets, rather than starting from scratch, to maintain momentum and ensure sustainable growth.

  4. Redefine Your Products: Learn to shift your focus from selling products to creating value for your customers, fostering emotional connections that drive long-term loyalty.

  5. Coach and Compose: Develop the skills to effectively implement brand thinking within your organization and inspire your customers to embrace your new brand mindset.

Get ready to dive into the knowledge, tools and mindset to elevate your FI with the power of brand thinking.

Let's Go! 🚀

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